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For Toyota Dealers Only

As a Toyota Dealer you are aware of the special advantages that years of product excellence, effective sales promotion and business management that have been available to Toyota Dealers almost uniquely in the industry.

Dave Stepek has begun national implementation of a program for Toyota Dealers to assist them with succession, exit, and transition issues that especially plague Toyota Dealers. Dave has presented his program to the highest levels of Toyota Management and representatives of the Toyota National Dealer Council, and has obtained their support. As a former Toyota Vice President and Dealer Development, Business Management, and Market Representation Manager for three automotive operating divisions (including Toyota), his level of practical solutions for Toyota Dealers is an advantage for his Toyota clients.

Most dealers dislike spending a lot of time on the retirement and 401(k) plans, that they offer as a benefit to their employees. The DOL, IRS, and ERISA require regular investigation of comparative benefits and plan expenses. We offer a no cost / no obligation benchmark comparison of your plan expenses to our guides. You may want to benchmark how your retirement plans compare to our industry-wide database, both in terms of what you want in the way of services, and what those features should actually cost versus what you may be paying. You may feel comfortable getting this info from someone who has been in, understands your business.

David Stepek and Cambridge Financial Partners, LLC are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the agencies listed or any governmental agency.

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