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If you are a member of the California Building Materials Dealer Association, Cambridge Financial Partners and Dave Stepek are one of your available providers for retirement plans, including 401(k)s, other defined contribution plans, and defined benefit plans (pensions). If you have fiduciary responsibility for a qualified retirement plan, our financial literacy programs will help you and your administrator successfully navigate the new ERISA, DOL, and IRS regulations in order to help protect yourself and your company.We also serve as Financial Advisor to 401k plans, and have access to numerous plan providers.

We offer a no cost / no obligation benchmark comparison of your plan expenses to our guides. You may want to benchmark how your retirement plans compare to our industry-wide database, both in terms of what you want in the way of services, and what those features should actually cost versus what you may be paying. The fiduciary requirements for plan sponsors today require regular investigation of comparative plan expenses and benefits for participants. Click HERE for our CBMDA link for information on retirement plans and financial literacy programs.

David Stepek and Cambridge Financial Partners, LLC are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the agencies listed or any governmental agency.

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