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Woman Business Owners

There should be little doubt that women who own businesses face unique issues, ranging from gender discrimination to not being taken seriously. Dave has had the opportunity to assist successor owners of small to mid-sized businesses, who also happen to be women, and has been able to help them realize their business potential.

Many successor woman owners became owners due to the death of their husbands, or they may have inherited the business from their parents, or they may have risen up through the management structure. Successful successor owners often need help with business affiliations (trade groups, franchisors, operating comparison groups, and often other family members). The same business dictums exist for women: be profitable, manage cash flow, and be recognized by their peers as the successful business women they are. How can we help you?

One area in which we can help is with your fiduciary responsibilities regarding your business 401(k) plan. We offer a no cost / no obligation benchmark comparison of your plan expenses to our guides. You may want to benchmark how your retirement plans compare to our industry-wide database, both in terms of what you want in the way of services, and what those features should cost versus what you may be paying.

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