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Minority Business Owners

Minority business owners face a host of issues that are not equally shared by other non-minority business men and women. In some cases, being African American, Hispanic, or Asian can be an advantage, particularly in an initial franchise selection process. But that advantage does not carry over into the day-to-day management and personnel hurdles that are an integral part of business. Dave's special experiences, working with minority business owners, for over thirty years has permitted him to share a perspective dedicated to the success, as business men and women, of those business owners who also happen to come from a variety of minority backgrounds.

His appreciation of the challenges, regardless of ethnic derivation, has enabled him to help minority business owners with improving profits and cash flow, successfully expanding their businesses, and the issues of succession, exit, and transition planning. Let him know how you think he can help you.

One common, shared responsibility of all business owners is as the fiduciary for the company's 401(k) plan. We offer a no cost / no obligation benchmark comparison of your plan expenses to our guides. You may want to benchmark how your retirement plans compare to our industry-wide database, both in terms of what you want in the way of services, and what those features should actually cost versus what you may be paying. Please give us a call if this is an area in which we can assist you.

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