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For US Army Personnel

The AUSA (Association of the United States Army) is allowing us to build Soldier and Family Financial Literacy Programs. After more than ten years of war, our soldiers and their families need to understand what options are actually available to them as they prepare to retire or otherwise separate from the service. Cambridge Financial Partners and Dave Stepek have been working with the AUSA - Greater Los Angeles Chapter - to develop a full Financial Literacy Program, for those who are getting ready to separate from the Army. Dave Stepek is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, who is aware of the areas of concern to those who will embark on a new career after years of uniformed service. After final approval of the program, we will be offering it to Officer and Enlisted personnel in the Regular Army, the Reserve Components, and the National Guard. The first scheduled presentation of this program will be during the next available Drill Weekend. For more information, use this AUSA link.

Our firm's experience in the area of government retirement plans and pension maximization ideally suits us to serve those who have served us.

David Stepek and Cambridge Financial Partners, LLC are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the agencies listed or any governmental agency.

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